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Article: History of Jewelry ~Ring~

History of Jewelry ~Ring~

Do you know what the first piece of jewelry was worn by humans?
The appearance of jewelry dates back to the Paleolithic period, about 100,000 years ago.
In the Paleolithic era, unlike today, there were wild beasts as a matter of course, and even when people got sick, there were no medicines available, so people lived in constant fear of death.
In order to resist such powerless forces, people at that time wore the fangs, bones, and claws of wild beasts to protect themselves from beasts and evil spirits by imbuing themselves with the beast's spiritual power.

At first, jewelry was worn to protect oneself, but as time progressed, people began to wear not only the fangs of wild beasts but also rare and unusual stones, and it was used not only as a talisman or talisman, but also as a symbol of wealth. It will change its shape.

Birth of the ring

This is how humans started wearing jewelry, but at that time there were three types of jewelry: necklaces, pendants, and bracelets.
Rings appeared later, and the oldest known ring is said to be a ring with a scarab (a type of scarab beetle) attached to it that dates back to 3000 BC in ancient Egypt.

Historical background of the ring

Rings first appeared in 3000 B.C., and later evolved into the ancient Roman period (during this period, the number of wealthy citizens increased, and rings could be made from a relatively small amount of metal, making them easy to obtain). ), the Middle Ages, and the Renaissance (from this period on, jewelry became a tool for showing off one's wealth and power to many people, and came to be owned by aristocrats, royalty, and the wealthy. ), etc. It has transcended many eras and is now a daily necessities that we wear on a daily basis, and is still loved by humans today in different forms.

ring name

Next, I would like to introduce the main names of rings depending on their various uses.

engagement ring and wedding ring

First of all, engagement ring means "wedding ring". In Japan, it is said that the standard price is two to three months' salary. It is a gift given by a man to a woman when they become engaged. Many designs feature colored precious stones or birthstones on the top.
By the way, the first person to give a diamond engagement ring was Archduke Maximilian of Australia 500 years ago.
Next, wedding rings are exchanged on the wedding day by the bride and groom as they pledge their love. The design is generally engraved with initials etc. on the inside. The main materials used are gold and platinum, which do not easily deteriorate.

eternity ring

Eternity means "eternity". It contains the wish for their love to last forever, and is given by husbands to wives on wedding anniversaries or to commemorate the birth of a child. The design features stones surrounding the entire circumference of the ring, creating a continuous feeling.

Pinky ring

In English, the little finger is called pinky. The little finger is considered a symbol of chance and secrets, and is said to bring good luck.

index ring

An index ring is a ring worn on the index finger that is used to indicate directions or give instructions. It is said that if you wear it when you want to make your dreams and wishes come true, it will guide you to success.

middle finger ring

The meaning remains the same, and it is a ring worn on the middle finger. It is said to bring inspiration and intuition.

thumb ring

A ring worn on the thumb is called a thumb ring. It is said that if you wear it when you want to carry out your will to the end, it will support your strong will.

poison ring

This is a little extra, but as the name suggests, a poison ring is a ring that is used to infuse poison. It is said that in the past it was used when pouring sake.
It's a little horrifying.


What did you think. This time, we introduced the history and names of rings.
We hope that you will be reminded that rings and jewelry are items that have been loved by humans throughout the ages, from ancient times to the present.
Thank you for reading to the end.

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