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About product rank

before purchasing *This product has been authenticated.
*Ranks are based on our standards, so comparisons cannot be made with other stores. Please consider us as a guide.
*Please note that colors may be difficult to convey in images and may differ depending on your computer settings.
*Please be sure to check the return and exchange terms before purchasing.
*Please note that this item is also sold at physical stores, so please note that it may be sold out.
N Brand new
N.S. Unused item
S As good as new Excellent used item with almost no signs of use
S.A. Extremely beautiful item Excellent used item with no signs of being used, equivalent to S rank.
A Beauty products Used item with some signs of use but overall in good condition
AB There is a feeling of use (small) Used item in good condition with signs of use according to A rank
B standard used item Standard used item with moderate signs of use.
B.C. There is a feeling of use (medium) Standard used item with signs of use according to B rank.
C Signs of use (large) Used item with noticeable signs of use overall, but suitable for normal use.
D Junk Used items that are partially damaged or require repair.